Hand Produced not Mass Produced

by Nicky Edmunds on October 06, 2023

Ever wondered what it means when something is ‘handmade’? Well we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions for you, and hopefully encourage you to shop handmade from now on!

What does ‘handmade’ mean?

The Oxford definition for something handmade is ‘made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality’ - and that is exactly what we always aim with our ceramics - the highest quality to ensure it lasts the test of time.

And why is it important that we buy things that are handmade?

  • You’ll be supporting the growth of a small/independent business. Not only does this mean we can keep traditional making methods alive, we can also pass on our knowledge to others.
  • It’s more eco-friendly. When things are mass-produced they are almost always made by machines which require electricity, whereas our hands only need our skill and creativity!
  • Because we make each piece by hand, we try to make our pieces to the highest quality using the best materials, whereas mass produced items tend to use lower quality materials and are more likely to have faults because they aren’t checked over as thoroughly because this is cheaper for the companies.

How can you tell when something is handmade?

  • You’ll notice that no two pieces are the same, making each and every handmade item completely unique. 
  • You might notice makers’ marks - these are areas where you can see how the artist made the piece and with what tool (for example brushstrokes, grooves, fingerprints etc.) Check out our makers’ marks blog post here.
  • There might be a maker’s stamp (their logo or initials) on the piece
  • There may be imperfections - but to us these create character! There’s something much more visually appealing and natural when not every piece is identical.
  • You will more than likely love it more than a mass produced item. Things as simple as the feel of the piece, how it has been designed for its function, the shape etc…these have each been tested and thought through meticulously by the maker.

Check out some of our handmade items that sell best:


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