Pottery Classes Near And For You

by Nicky Edmunds on August 04, 2023

Why is pottery important?

Pottery has been around as early as 7000 BC and is still an active craft to this day - pretty mind-boggling, right? From ornamental pots and vases to tableware and sculptures, pottery is both for art and function.

At Habulous, we want to continue practising the traditional methods and craftsmanship that have been around for millenia and keep the craft alive through our own products and through teaching, avoiding the mass produced market that has unfortunately started to dominate a once solely hand produced practice. Our ethos being: “Hand produced not mass produced”.

So, are you looking for a pottery class near you? Well, thanks to the continued support of our customers, we have been able to move into a working studio nestled on the edge of Dartmoor, England, where we can now run pottery classes for beginners. We primarily focus on handbuilding, providing you with useful tips and tricks and showing you the behind the scenes craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our pieces. We will also look at decoration methods on pre hand thrown pieces, giving you the opportunity to learn how a piece of pottery comes together. 

So why did we decide to run workshops?

Aside from keeping traditional making methods relevant, we want you to come and truly experience working with clay. We want to share with you how versatile this material from the Earth is: shaping, manipulating, carving, how it reacts with air and water… it’s fascinating how a variety of hand making methods can create functional and keepsake items for our homes.

Understanding how the clay feels and behaves is not only important knowledge we want to pass on, but from an eco-conscious point of view we want people to understand how our pieces are hand-designed to last the test of time and discourage contributing to a throwaway society.

You will get the chance to work with clay and build a piece the same way we would for our shop, only you can make it in your own stylistic way and choose the glaze colour you would like to paint your pottery with. There’s something special about owning a unique piece of art and being able to say you were the maker behind it!

What did people think about our workshop?

We ran our first workshop in July and we certainly enjoyed it as much as our attendees did.

Nicki: The workshop was so great! I learned about how to work the clay and using different tools to create different effects. Thank you so much to Nicky and Cara for such an enjoyable evening!

Becky: Wow! I had such an amazing evening! Everything was well thought out and each step was explained! It was lovely spending the evening together, being creative with lots of laughing. A different take on a night out, 10/10 Can’t wait for the end result x Roll on the next one.

Angelina: Amazing! Such a perfect way to spend an evening. Nicky & Cara were excellent in teaching us their craft. Really helpful and informative through each step. It was relaxing, fun and educational all in one. Will definitely be attending again. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative workshop. 10/10.

Jane: What a wonderful evening! It went so quickly. If you’d have asked me at the beginning how to make a bird pot I wouldn’t have had a clue! I learnt something new and really enjoyed working with the clay. Really makes you appreciate the work that goes into handmade products. Great instructions from Nicky and Cara. Can’t wait to get my pots back! Highly recommend!

How do I sign up?

We have a variety of upcoming workshops on our website which you can check out here. Choose one that interests you and check out all the information - each class costs £50pp with up to 10 spaces, so expect an in-depth and friendly workshop with other people who have the same experience and/or passion for pottery as you. Not to mention, we offer plenty of drinks and biscuits!

You will come away from the workshop with your very own creation (once you’ve chosen what colour glaze we will fire it for you in our kiln for you to come and pick up in due course) and a better understanding of the processes behind our unique pieces and hopefully a new love for pottery.

We hope to see you soon!


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