The Top Dog Bowl?

by Nicky Edmunds on August 11, 2023

Dogs are special, loyal and loving companions, and we want our furry friends to live their happiest and healthiest lives full of love, fun and food! So, one of the main questions we often want answered is: what dog bowl is best?

Since moving into our new Habulous studio, we wanted to make sure our pottery pups, Digby the Cavalier Spaniel and Libby the Cockapoo, would settle in comfortably but also keep our new space looking smart and matching our eco-conscious beliefs. We wanted to avoid the typical mass-produced plastic or steel dog bowls, so we thought we would design a stoneware bowl especially for them, and now for your pooches (especially those with long ears) too!

What makes our dog bowl better than plastic or steel dog bowls?

Well, the obvious is that it looks a lot nicer! Because we also offer a personalised bowl in a variety of our unique glaze colours, you can match it to both your dog and interior design. Check out our personalised bowl here, or if you can’t wait, check out our ‘Top Dog’ bowl here.

Since the bowl is made from stoneware clay and glaze, this makes it easy to clean as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. Although, because it is handmade, we usually recommend washing it by hand to keep the piece in its optimal condition.

Additionally, the weighted design and nature of stoneware means the bowl will be much less likely to tip over or move around, keeping your floor clean and dog’s dinner time a lot less noisy!

What makes our bowl good for long-eared dogs?

The dog bowl has been designed especially for dogs with long ears, such as Spaniels, with its raised sides but hearty volume. The opening is a comfortable size for your dog’s snout, but just narrow enough that it stops their ears from dipping in their food or water. This means your dog’s ears won’t be looking bedraggled and dripping all over the place, as well as being much more hygienic for your dog as well as around your home. 

The hearty volume allows a substantial amount of food or water and is easy to fit your hand in if the inside needs a clean.

What makes our dog bowl different from others?

Our bowls are made completely by hand each step of the way. From throwing the clay on the wheel to hand-writing your pup’s name on the outside and dipping it in your chosen glaze colour, all ready for firing in our kiln. No two bowls are the same.

What we love about the combination of the flecked stoneware and our unique pastel glaze is the gorgeous golden burnoff you can see around the edges where the glaze meets the clay. The texture of the clay and contrasting smooth glaze also provides a high-quality feel, simply because it is! 

Our handmade bowls are made to last the test of time. Stoneware is tactile and much less likely to get scratched or unappealing to look at like plastic and steel dog bowls. This will be a piece you won’t want to hide.

Handmade ceramics bring a lot more joy than mass-produced pottery because there are people and a story behind each piece. We value being eco-conscious as well as creating ceramics that are gorgeous to look at, to feel and to gift, be it to yourself or others (and dogs in this case!).


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