Eco soya wax melts are the new home aroma experience. These melts are handmade on Dartmoor and will make your home smell divine, simply pop a melt into your burner and light a tea light below. Each set contains approx 90g of wax melts. Each pack typically provides 150 hours of fragrance.

          Eco soya wax melts are eco friendly, heat up quicker than candles and emit a faster aroma. Eco soya wax melts are also safer as there is no open flame/smoke plus they are a much cheaper option to scented candles. Our packaging is made from renewable/sustainable sources and it's fully recyclable so it's environmentally friendly. Each pack comes with a tin tie so you can reseal your pack to keep its freshness.

          Eco Soya Wax Melts (3)

          Lemongrass & Crushed Ginger Eco Soya Wax Melts Pack


          Ginger & Lime Eco Soya Wax Melts Pack


          Fresh Cotton Eco Soya Wax Melts Pack

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