21 days to go

by Nicky Edmunds on April 02, 2017

Over the last few months I have been overwhelmed by the commitment needed to train for a marathon, it really does become all consuming. The dedication needed to just get around the course let alone focus on a good time is massive.  For some their time is important, however I have reached the conclusion that to just make it around is a bloody brilliant achievement. Hats off to everyone who has ever done one, I salute you.

My training has had its ups and downs, I’ve lost toe nails, been hailed on, lost all feeling in my limbs, played ridiculously petty mind games, etc, etc, etc.  I think the toughest element for me has been the solitude, its very hard to keep positive without someone else beside you.  If I was training again, I would definitely try to run with others (although I must say I have no intention of doing this ever again).

Today was to be my final long run and I’m pleased to say other than an early stop for a photo for this blog, I ran well.  Well that is for 11 miles and then my calf went ping, literally ping.  I tried to struggle on but the pain was to much and more importantly I can’t afford to do to much damage.   Much to my dismay I had to admit defeat and call friends who kindly came to my rescue.  I can’t believe that after all those months of training, that I have now injured myself.  I am still doing this, I will not be defeated by a mere muscle.

So my next few days will involve lots of ice packs and hopefully a session with a sports physio.  Fingers crossed it heals well, as I really do want to run not walk this marathon.

If you have sponsored me don’t worry, I will still be doing it but maybe even slower than anticipated... On the note of life giving you lemons; I may as well share another one of my card designs which we hope to launch in the upcoming months (It seems apt to me).  I’ve raised other £1000.00 to date and still have a way to go for Back Care, so if you are able to support me hobbling or running in 3 weeks just click on this link to donate to my page.   I’m signing off now with my leg in the air!


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