4 Days to go....

by Nicky Edmunds on April 19, 2017

Only 4 days and 4 nights to go and then I will be running the London Marathon, Yes me that slightly overweight lady who likes her gin and prosecco a little too much, oh and did I mention chocolate..... . I apologise in advance to anyone who sees me running or limping along on Sunday, my running face is apparently an unhappy grimace (I do enjoy it, honest), my face muscles just don’t behave the way I want them to when I’m focussed on keeping my legs turning over.  Have you ever seen those silly YouTube clips “What I think I look like when I run” Verse “ What I actually look like when I run”, well imagine that and you’ll easily be able to pick me out in the crowds.

I started this blog nearly 5 months ago to share my training adventures and boy have there been adventures and lots and lots of hard work.  Surprisingly though, I have really quite enjoyed writing up my weeks for you to read, so if you can all cope I’ll try and keep it up.  You are all probably keen to hear the update on my torn soleus (calf muscle for those of you reading for the first time)!  After a visit to the sports Physio this week  I was cleared to try to start running again; just one mile yesterday, two today and three tomorrow.  Now he offered no reassurances that my soleus will stay intact, but he was hopeful and so am I. 

Tomorrow morning I’m heading up to London to enjoy a few days rest before the big day.  I must admit to feeling a little strange, a similar feeling to waiting for your exam results, excitement and apprehension rolled into one.  Before my mishap I was aiming to finish just under the 5 hour mark now I’d be really chuffed with 5 and a half hours, sort of like I’d have really liked to have achieved A’s in my GCSE’s, but that was before I realised that I would have to do lots and lots of revision, so I was quite happy with getting C’s (not that I’d tell me kids that).

I hope all of you with kids to occupy during half term have survived the trials of having them home all the time.  Hopefully you had some fun too.  My two have reached the stage of constant battle, telling tales on one another at every given opportunity. At times I felt like my head would explode, I really want to lie on the floor and throw a toddler tantrum (like that advert with the lady in the super market many years ago).

I was working in my Tavistock store today and got a lovely surprise when I arrived; my team had decorated the store window just for me.  I’ve got to say this really made me smile and even bought a tear to my eye.  It means such a lot as for the last 13 years I’ve always done the window displays so to approach the shop and see balloons etc was amazing, I’m smiling just writing about it.

Well on Sunday I get to tick the London Marathon off my bucket list, last year it was Venice that got a tick, no comparison really but I actually can’t wait.  Massive thanks to every one of you who has supported me, in terms of sponsoring, wishing me luck and especially to those who have put up with my moaning (sorry). 


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