An Eco-Friendly Christmas

by Ellie Eveleigh on December 09, 2021

It’s becoming more important and more essential to be eco-friendly. And, at Christmas time, we unfortunately tend to stray from our eco-friendly ways as we get wrapped up in the gifting frenzy. So how can we be more environmentally conscientious? Here are some quick and useful tips we’d like to share.

Firstly, we should try and step away from buying gifts that are mass-produced. Mass-produced products generally involve processes that use more power and methods which are fast-producing as this is more economically beneficial, but often in turn sacrificing the environmental aspect. At Habulous we would like to encourage moving away from a throwaway society - so when we use the term 'mass-produced' in this particular context, it refers to products that don't serve a long-term and sustainable purpose. We consider our ceramics as pieces that will last a lifetime, due to their functional and durable design which is all carefully made by hand. The act of gift-giving should be meaningful and thoughtful, not just for the sake of it.

Being a small, independent, handmade brand, we take pride in being as eco-conscious as possible: we recycle our clay so that even the little scraps get saved; reusing all sorts of materials such as packaging and anything that can be used in our making processes (we actually use old credit cards for shaping some of our ceramics!). All our packaging is recyclable and our products are designed to be long-lasting and lovable.

Small businesses like ourselves put more time and care into our work because it is our living and we care about our customers. Not to mention, an unusual gift from a little brand is definitely more special than something that is made by the thousands, wouldn’t you agree?

As for present wrapping, this is where paper waste becomes astronomical this time of year. Avoid using glitter or foil wrapping paper - this is typically unrecyclable and bad for the environment. There are numerous other ways you can still make your gifts look attractive, such as using newspaper, parcel paper, or even fabric adorned with string or ribbon that can then be reused too. Investing in biodegradable paper tape is also a great alternative for sticky tape, and can actually look a lot smarter. This interesting way of wrapping will not only look chic, but it’ll save you having to spend ages hoovering up all that glitter!

Other simple things that we may forget are items like Christmas crackers (you can buy eco-friendly ones), and the food you eat - is it locally produced? Is it free range? Although this might all seem like a lot to consider, it’s definitely worth taking even a few steps towards being eco-friendly so we can look after our planet in any way we can.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

With love,

The Habulous Team x


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