Busy, busy, busy......

by Nicky Edmunds on December 20, 2016

Well Christmas day is getting so close only 5 sleeps to go as those who love Christmas will quote.  I do love Christmas but find the time before so hectic, that I never feel organised enough for my own families Christmas.  Yes, I am one of those people who never gets everything done until very late Christmas Eve. I’ll rush out from work on Christmas Eve to get those last few things on my list and stand in the cheese shop queue to get our rather delicious cheese board (we have the most amazing cheese shop in Tavistock).  With a bag full of cheese and any last minute presents purchased I'll head home and out for a quick social with friends. Once back in our own nest, Hubby and I will desperately try to get the kids off to bed so that we can begin the mammoth task of wrapping their presents until who knows when. Just as we are heading to bed we will no doubt realise we haven’t put the carrot out for the Reindeer or the drink for Father Christmas.  Thank god I'm not cooking this year, so one less thing to worry about.

It has been an eventful week; you might remember I was off to a bottle auction on Friday night last week.  It’s a great event that raises funds for our local village, needless to say after one too many JD and Cokes, I did bid on way to many lots of booze and have enough to last a rather long time (possibly even open a new shop!).  Included in my wins are some rather dubious looking bottles of mulled wine and quite a few bottles of Rose (I don’t even like Rose).  Oh well I’m sure I know someone who does! 

My marathon training was all good, until the dreaded lurgy hit, but it seems to be on its way out now.  I say well, I still haven’t run more than 7.5 miles, so only another 18.7 miles to go. I’m going to need to get really disciplined after the New Year.  Any offers of company on my runs or anyone willing to ride a bike beside me, yelling encouragement or profanities is welcome! 

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