Juggling life

by Nicky Edmunds on December 09, 2016

I’ve only blogged twice and I already feel guilty as I haven’t blogged for a week, what is about us woman and feeling guilty for the 101 things we should have done.  I know it’s stupid but that doesn’t stop it constantly niggling at us?  (Sorry to any Men who feel the same, I just admire the way most of you appear not to let guilt over silly things touch you, at times I feel I need more testosterone, although many might say I have enough already!)

It’s been a pretty busy week for my family and work life.  Having two lifestyle shops, certainly keeps you busy but even more so as we approach Christmas.  My days largely evolve around ordering, unpacking deliveries and looking after our lovely customers.   My mind is constantly ticking over at this time of year, going over everything, again and again; to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.  I spend most of the year working towards this point, and for a small business like us, without a good Christmas trade, I doubt we’d still be around.  Our hard work throughout the year seems to be paying off as customers are really pleased with what we have for them to choose from.  Interestingly our best seller this week has been from our Enid Blyton book for Grown Ups series: “Five on Brexit Island”   I used to love these books when I was a child, were any of you fans?

I have managed to spend some time on the pottery wheel, which is my calm time.  Playing with clay is so therapeutic.  I’m pleased to report that I have even stayed on top of my running getting 3 descent runs in this week (best of all it means I might just win “the work week hustle” on my fitbit, not that I’m competitive or anything).   

Tonight I’m off out to a bottle auction, to drink copious amounts of booze.  I’ll no doubt buy lots of obscure drinks that will live in the back of our drinks cabinet, until we have one of those dinner parties which will end badly after my husband pulls out those dreaded bottles.

In amongst all of this my lino cut class also had a small exhibition last week.  I was supper pleased to have my tulip print used for the poster promoting the event.  On that note you may not know I’ve got a hefty amount to raise for my London Marathon place, so I’ve decided to offer up one of my limited edition Tulip hand pulled prints as an incentive for anyone who sponsors me.  Once I’ve completed London and can walk again, I’ll draw a name out of a hat for the lucky winner (well lucky if you like the print that is!) Bye for now, more rambling soon.

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