Repurposing Ceramics - What, Why and How?

by Nicky Edmunds on June 16, 2023

We all need to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Repurposing is just one of those steps that can be easily taken to help save our planet. 


First of all, what does ‘repurpose’ mean?

Repurposing means adapting the use of something to suit a different/new purpose. 

We think this is fantastic because this means less landfill - and, did you know that waste is responsible for nearly 10% of the world’s carbon footprint?


Why should we repurpose?

Waste is responsible for a large part of our carbon footprint which is a large contributor to climate change, which is why repurposing is a great thing to do. Not only that, it’s a great way of saving money.

Our Ceramic Bird Pots

We aim to design our ceramics to be multi-functional and long lasting. One of our newest products is our small and large air plant birds/bird match pots which you can check out here, both of which can be reused or repurposed for a multitude of uses.

If you want it to still resemble a bird’s plumage, why not use it as a cotton bud holder in your bathroom? Or perhaps a pencil holder on your desk? Their simple design means you can get creative with a variety of different items to make its tail feathers.

Alternatively, if you’re not too fussed about doing this, you can simply use the pot to hold bits and bobs like paper clips, elastic bands and any other little things you tend to use.


What else can you repurpose?

Here are some ideas for repurposing the ceramics we’ve made in ways you might not have thought of (this also applies to all ceramics, not just ours!):

For example, it’s easy to look at a mug or a tumbler and just think its only purpose is for drinking from, but due to their hearty volume they make good pen pots, paintbrush pots or even to hold your toothbrushes.

Match pot

The match pot can be inevitably filled with matches again and again which you can also repurchase from our website here. Matches are better than using a lighter because they are made from biodegradable materials like wood, whereas lighters tend to be made from plastic.

Or, if you fancy repurposing it like the bird air plant holder, you can easily peel off the striker pad on the base and turn it into a little vase.

If you want to change up its use, you could use it as a pen pot in your office, a small utensil holder in your kitchen or even as a mini plant pot.

Oil Pourer

It’s easy to assume that the ceramic oil pourer is only useful for dispensing liquid, but what about repurposing it as a contemporary dried/flower vase? You can simply remove the steel pourer and fill the top with your choice of flowers. The bottle works on its own as a piece of contemporary decor and could also look great as a display piece in your home. Check out our oil pourers here.

Ceramic Flowers

Our ceramic flowers may seem pretty niche, but the malleable copper wire and simple design makes them easy to repurpose in a number of ways. Check out our flowers here.

  • Wedding or party favour

  • Wedding/Bridesmaid bouquet 

  • Wedding table decoration

  • Vase decorations

  • Contemporary Wreath

  • Wrapping decorations


What if it’s broken beyond purpose?

If you have something that is no longer repairable or reusable, why not have a go at getting creative yourself? Great ways to use broken ceramics are to make unique mosaic pieces.

If you want an example of a particular mosaic piece we did then you can check out our mini tutorial on our Instagram here: @habulousceramics

A mosaic artist we really admire is Emily Lawlor ‘China Jack’. We love the way she reuses vintage china, in particular pieces with elements of gold and silver, to create unique pieces of art. Her main inspiration is birds and capturing the detail of their wings through texture, colour and light from the china scraps she finds.

Upcycling is at the heart of Emily’s work, working with reclaimed china where possible, as well as using china that is at the end of its functional life to give it a totally new lease of life through her incredible craftsmanship.

We highly recommend you take a look at Emily’s work below or check out her Instagram: @chinajackmosaics


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