So excited my card samples are in......

by Nicky Edmunds on June 15, 2017

I have missed writing my blog; it’s like the old fashioned diary I kept as an angst teenager, although most of what I wrote then was a load of rubbish about my latest boyfriend/crush.  I don’t know why, but writing about snippets of my life has a really calming effect on me, it might just be the process, I have to slow down and take time out, to review what’s been going on in my busy life before putting pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard.

Today I’m sitting at my desk about to start a major admin job (admin is most definitely not where my skills are based).  I look pretty bad, my eyelids are buffed up and feeling like lead, so much so, that I am contemplating using match sticks to keep them open; It’s all my own doing of course, I’ve been working till midnight or later every week night for the last few weeks.  I’ve become totally obsessed with designing for our card range and whilst the desire to draw and create is strong I feel I must make the most of it.

Our card samples arrived on Saturday, I was so excited about opening that envelope, pouring the contents onto the kitchen table and then spending the next hour contemplating which card stock to choose for the real print run.  Decisions are now made and by the end of next week all of our designs should be with the printers, so in a matter of months we should be well on the way to selling our very own range of cards!

I’ve had a very busy time socially, that’s the way I love to live, a little bit like burning the candle at both ends all though I think it’s one of those slow burn candles as I can’t maintain the pace I set in my twenties.  Also a difference in how I burn the candle, yes sometimes it does still involve lots of alcohol and music but equally the odd walk/run or book club natter has started to dominate my social calendar, is this middle age?  I have been to a few really good events so I think I’ll do a couple of separate blog posts on these as they are most definitely worth a read.

Hubby Paul and I have been really pleased to find out that our stores had been nominated for an award “The Best Gift Store in Devon” by award winning blog Muddy Stilettos (well worth reading).  So as well as all of those standard work things we do, we have spent some time harassing anyone who loves our stores to vote for us.  We are currently in second place, we appear to be yo-yoing with the leader (I am one of those annoyingly competitive people) so you know what I’m going to ask.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, VOTE for us if you think we deserve to win this accolade (you could also encourage everyone you know, family, friends co-workers, pets, to do the same!!!) No I’m not obsessed......  click here to vote for Insideout in the Best Gift Store category.


Bye for now.  xxxxx

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by L❤️rraine on June 15, 2017

Great blog again sweetie xx
Wayne & I have voted xx


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