The Story Behind Our Jellyfish Air Plants

by Ellie Eveleigh on October 15, 2021

For the past few months in the studio we’ve been working on some unique mini jellyfish pinch pot air plant hangings - which you may have spotted in our shops! This has been a long, thought-out process for our Habulous team, playing around with shapes, designs and sizes until we discovered what worked best. We wanted to creat a unique, quirky product that nodded towards our love for nature, and how important houseplants have been during recent times with brightening up our living spaces.

Ellie, who joined the Habulous studio mid-June, feels a great sense of pride in being a part of creating one of our most popular and fun pieces. Every step of the way has consisted of hand-making, not to mention becoming a part of a new and exciting working environment, learning about clay and the endless creative possibilities.

In terms of the making process, although the pieces may initially appear relatively simple, there are actually several making steps the Habulous team have to work through until we create these unique final products. First, the jellyfish ‘heads’ are hand-pinched out of stoneware clay, then left to dry. This drying process can take a day or two, depending on how warm the weather is (which isn’t often in England!). Once they are dry, they are individually placed into the kiln and then bisque-fired. Once this initial process is complete, each pot is hand-illustrated with vertical lines in underglaze pencil, before being dipped in our own unique turquoise glaze and then put back in the kiln for a final firing. The combination of hand-drawn lines and glaze creates a beautiful, watery-like movement on each jellyfish. Once cooled, each piece is individually hand-tied for hanging and ready to gently secure the air plant inside.

At Habulous, we aim to avoid the manufactured, mass-produced look that so many products tend to have nowadays, which is why we love these little pieces so much. Every ceramic pot and every plant is completely unique as they are both entirely hand-produced. And, for us, there is something very special about the feel and thought behind a handmade product: the texture, the passed-on teachings and skill of creating each element.

These Jellyfish Air Plants would make the perfect gift for a loved one or even to yourself, ideal for hanging in any room (although a humid bathroom would be ideal for the plant!). They bring a unique splash of colour and style to our indoor spaces, perfect for cheering us up. Definitely something to add to the plant collection, don’t you think?

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by Sonya Murray on December 09, 2021

Hi I just received your lovely jelly fish planters as a birthday present from my daughter. I love them so much. I am a long term year round sea swimmer so not a big fan of jelly fish in real life! I have never had airplants before and cant find care instructions on your website. Can you advise please.


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