Close up of Cosmos birth flower mug with other mugs behind
Birth flower print ceramic stoneware mugs
Hands holding Honeysuckle birth flower mug
Cherry Blossom birth flower mug with white ceramics in background
January Snowdrop birth flower mug
February Primrose birth flower mug
March Cherry Blossom birth flower mug
April Lily of the Valley birth flower mug
May Sweet Pea birth flower mug
June Honeysuckle birth flower mug
July Larkspur birth flower mug
August Poppy birth flower mug
September Aster birth flower mug
October Cosmos birth flower mug
November Peony birth flower mug
December Narcissus birth flower mug
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Birth Flower Stoneware Mugs


    Add a personal touch to your mug collection with one of our unique stoneware mugs featuring birth month flowers. Each birth flower print is painted by hand, making every coffee mug truly unique. A thoughtful gift for your best friend, a family member or as a wedding gift.

    Some months have several birth flower options, at Habulous we have chosen one birth flower for each month.

    January - Snowdrop

    February - Primrose

    March - Cherry Blossom

    April - Sweet Pea

    May - Lily Of The Valley

    June - Honeysuckle

    July - Larkspur

    August - Poppy

    September - Aster

    October - Cosmos

    November - Peony

    December - Narcissus

    Pair your flower mug with one of our ceramic flower drinks coasters, check them out here.

    Our flower designs are meticulously hand-painted with a wax resist, the mug is then glazed and when fired we are left with an delicate floral silhouette. The mug has been designed to sit comfortably in your hand and be a joy to use. The flared base and generous width of the mug allows for a hearty amount of liquid, and the internal glaze and nature of stoneware clay retains the drinks temperature for longer.

    As each piece is handmade and hand painted, yours may differ slightly from the ones shown in the images.

    Sold individually.

    Approximate Dimensions

    Volume: 400ml

    Height: 9cm

    Rim Diameter: 8.6cm

    Base Diameter: 10cm

    Handle: W3.2cm x H7.2cm