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by Paul Edmunds on May 13, 2021

The last few years have seen my pottery business Habulous grow substantially and many of you will have seen the expansion I have made to my studio too. Well, I’m now delighted that I have secured funding from the Government’s new Kickstart initiative to bring a new person into the business to work with me.

The scheme, launched in 2020, provides £2 billion funding for six-month work placements for young people – paying them the national minimum wage for 25 hours per week. It allows youngsters ordinarily reliant on Universal Credit to gain valuable work experience in the hope of securing future employment, while earning a wage.

When I heard about the Government scheme, it seemed like a perfect idea. It means that I can take on new commissions whilst providing employment to a young person in the area. I know from experience that many young people find it hard to get a job without in-depth experience and feel forgotten about, so this is an ideal opportunity for them, and me.

Habulous Ceramics

At Habulous ceramics I individually make by hand, wheel thrown stoneware pottery and ceramic jewellery. I make mugs, vases, storage containers, bird feeders, jugs and many other decorative and useful pieces for your home. I love what I do and my pieces of work all reflect the time, energy and skill that I put into them, no two pieces of my work will be the same, reflecting the individuals who use them. It means that a young person working within the business will gain the expert skills needed to work professionally both on business management and the pottery itself, whilst helping me to expand the business and keep up with the rising amount of interest in my work.

But it’s not just the hand-on pottery experience. It’s also marketing, promotion, photography and online sales. The young person will also be assisting with customer relations, preparing orders for the stores and online sales, stock taking duties and managing work flow. Administration duties are just as important including filing and invoicing, assisting with social media accounts, engaging with our followers and growing our social media presence.

The ideal candidate will have experience with ceramics ideally gained via a degree or other formal training.  Although a person with a creative ability and an interest in ceramics may be considered, if they have the right attitude and creative flair.

Prior to running my own business I worked within the recruitment industry so will be focused on ensuring the right individual develops good working practices to assist them in their future career. 

Anyone interested in applying for the position needs to contact their job mentor with job reference  KS4356966A

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by Chloe Wykes on July 28, 2021

Hi there! Hope you’re well and enjoying this recent beautiful sunshine.

I’d like to express interest in the pottery job I’ve seen advertised. I didn’t initially apply because I am 28 and currently not working (because I having baby/covid) but am not currently on job seekers. I decided though I’d get in touch anyway, for this or other future opportunities.

I’ve always loved pottery and wanted to learn how to throw and colour it myself. I feel competent with my hands and have a good eye for creative things. I think I’d fit the role well. I’m currently a young mum, getting by mostly by family support and would love to empower my self through some solid skills.

Let me know if anything changes/pops up – I’d love to chat more.

Thank you! Chloe


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