Like a pig in mud

by Nicky Edmunds on January 12, 2017

Well 2017 is already in full swing, the time seems to pass by, quicker and quicker each year.  I’m determined to make this a good year, I’ve set myself both work and personal goals that I am going to tackle head on and one of my most important goals is to slow down at times and appreciate those little things that happen around me that I so often take for granted.

My children are growing up fast with Ben heading towards his 15th birthday and Ffion now at secondary school, life is forever changing around their development and this year I really want to relish those moments whilst they still, on occasion enjoy being around us! 

My New Year started with a bang, celebrating with friends and family and then I was straight off to Cornwall to attend a Ceramics throwing course.  It was an amazing start to my year, I felt like a pig in mud.  I got to spend the week in a studio, with other like minded people taking my pottery skills to the next level.  The satisfaction I felt at overcoming some of the obstacles I have faced with making this year was invigorating.   


My main goal was to improve form and throw bigger pieces, I definitely achieved this during the week and I just hope that when I sit down in my home studio (really not as glamorous as it sounds, my wheel is next to the washing machine!) I can replicate what I made whilst away. 


I have managed to maintain my training for London Marathon, but have had moments of thinking I must be insane to want to run that far (mainly whilst struggling on my longer runs).  I have even managed an interval run this week and have come to the conclusion that interval runs are evil. For those of you who don’t know what they are, its bursts of running very fast then slow that are repeated a number of times, you leave the house thinking nice easy 30 minutes and come back feeling like you’re going to puke.   

I’m a slow runner so the intervals should help improve my speed and my overall fitness, ready for the big day.  When I think I’m running fast I’m often not as my kids like to point out, years ago they cheered me in on my first half marathon, when I saw them near the finish line, I managed to get a sprint on, or so I thought.  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until they came up to me, and pointed out that watching me had been like watching a slow motion clip.  So there I was giving it my all, taking massive strides and apparently mimicking that famous scene from Chariots of Fire.  Right now my only real concern is making sure I make it to the finish line in April, whatever fashion that may be in.....

If you want to support Back Care the small charity I am running for here's my sponsorship link


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