My new favourite gin, marathon recover and life in general

by Nicky Edmunds on May 16, 2017

It's been a few weeks since my last blog, I have been quite lazy since my epic marathon run. I hardly moved the following week, every part of me hurt; I began to wish I lived in a bungalow, stairs equalled agony (and yes I have given birth, so I know what pain is). My body was trying to tell me not to move, it actually wanted to eat lots of chocolate and drink gin!  Incidentally I've established a new firm favourite on the gin front a Welsh number called Brecon, highly recommended to any gin swillers out there. With the help of this new gin and those marvellous juniper berries, I'm nearly fully restored (except for a wee back issue, but that is slowly healing). 

It's been a steady few weeks on the work front, my team and I have had our usual fun displaying our new stock, it’s one of my favourite jobs. I love merchandising, the process of putting different products together, to create an eye catching display. It's something we do really well, that might be because we have had lots of practice or just good old fashioned luck.


The real change in weather (excusing the downpour that’s currently going on outside my door) and the demand for our eco soy wax melts lead to a full week of melt making for me. It's now turned into one of those jobs my whole family are involved with, Ben and Ffion do all my packing. I'd love to tell you they rush in from school and get straight to work with a big smile on their face whilst we all merrily chat about our days; the reality is they slink in and hide upstairs until I twig that they are home and hunt them out, coaxing them down to help with various threats and promises!  The joys of being a family business, but on the plus side I do think it’s important that the kids are involved and understand what work is like. 

The weekend was a mixture of work and pleasure with yet another visit to London for a trades how and a catch up with some fantastic friends.  Saturday was fun filled with too many cocktails, lot of laughing and some excellent food.  We normally head towards Covent Garden but this time we stayed south of the river; starting near the Old Vic and heading to the Borough Market.  Like most of inner London, this area has seen lots of change over the last 10 years and now boasts some excellent places to eat, drink and shop.  As I have family close by, it has become one of my favourite haunts.  Our top places at the end of the day were “The Baltic” on Blackfriars road and the Oxo Tower although if you have more than one cocktail in the later, you may have to think of re-mortgaging your home (the views are well worth it!)  The Baltic is a polish restaurant with a very interesting menu and top notch cocktails.  If you’re a foodie Borough Market is a must, now London’s most renowned food and drink market with over 100 stalls to tantalise your taste buds. 


Sunday was all about work, checking out potential suppliers for our stores.  Pulse is a small but good tradeshow which tends to showcase new designer/makers as well as some of the more established companies.  I always feel very inspired by the work I see there and hope when it arrives in the shops my customers will too.



Before heading back to Devon on the Monday I managed a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I love spending time inside its walls.  Not only is it a building of true beauty but it is a great inspiration for my ceramics and just art and design in general. 

My weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a few minor mishaps, luckily nothing too drastic. I can only confess to conditioning my hair with moisturiser. This was an accident, I didn’t want my hair stuck to my head for the weekend honestly.  How did I do that you may wonder, well I have a habit of filling small bottles with my weekend supplies then forgetting what’s in what bottle.  I should have twigged when it didn’t want to come out of said bottle but no my brain did not work out what was wrong, so after 3 hair washes normality resumed.  On my train journey home, after making use of the facilities I was trying to get the tap to work to wash my hands, a sign indicated you pressed a button, I couldn’t find the button anywhere then suddenly I noticed it under the sink.  Strange place I know, pressing the button I then waited for the water to flow, instead my ears burned with a high pitched alarm, panic ensued. (I was in the disabled toilet).  I quickly made my exit red faced and feeling every single set of eyes on me in the rather packed carriage as I made my way back to my seat.......

by Lorraine on May 16, 2017

That was meant to be a laughing emoji xx

by Lorraine on May 16, 2017



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