Oh my, my poor legs

by Nicky Edmunds on December 28, 2016
Well its here in a blink of an eye and gone just as quickly.  Merry Christmas to you all, I really hope you’ve all had a wonderful time, filled with food, drink and fun with friends and family. 

After a really busy lead up to Christmas with the stores we have had several very relaxing days, my rather wonderful Uncle catered for us all this Christmas so I feel really relaxed and extremely spoilt. Although we did a couple of walks in the wonderful weather I can report that I’m happy, but  my jeans are not, they are struggling to cope with all the cheese and other lovely bits I have over indulged on, I supporting a rather large muffin top today, so I decided to get out there and burn some calories, oh boy was that a mistake! 

As you know I run a little bit, more than most, but nothing compared to those amazing people who tackle Ultra’s (these people run a Marathon for breakfast and 100 miles for fun!).  I generally run to keep fit and try to fight off the rather fetching middle age bulge.  I normally feel pretty good after a run, it also means I don’t overly worry about my calorie intake hence can indulge a bit with out to much guilt. 

Before Christmas I saw one of those social runs pop up on my face book time line and thought that I’d tackle it to help with my training.  I didn’t really read the details just noted it was a 10 mile run.  So this morning after a lazy lie in, I rushed up to Princetown to join the bunch of runners, whom I assumed like me would be trying to tackle the effects of the last few days of over indulging.  When I arrived I should have been more observant and noticed that no one there had an ounce off fat to spare, but no, I must have put on my rose tinted shades before I left because this didn’t sink in until just under half way through the run.

So when they announced that they would be two runs, a shorter run (7 miles) and a 10 to 11 mile run, I didn’t bail out and opt for the shorter distance.  All of a sudden we where off running on to the moors at a pace I am not familiar with, within 1 mile I was the one lagging at the back but still quite happy to be out there, it was such a beautiful day and I started to relax into the run.  This lovely lot of hardened trail runners, liked to avoid the tracks as much as possible so it meant, lots of jumping bogs and stones, and running up and down hills (you can imagine what I looked like at the back, I’m sure it would have been good material for Little Britain).

I was doing OK until mile 7 when I realised I was quite close to home, then the mind games started, “just tell them your jogging home” said the voice in my head, No said the other.  So gritting my teeth I duly followed the bums of some seriously fit runners on the loop back to Princetown.  Now I really don’t know how I managed to finish the run but I did.  I can proudly say I finished, I was at the back nearly all the way kept company by several lovely people who took it in turns to bolster me on (thank you, you know who you are).  The worst part was the hills, lots more ups then downs on the last stretch.  At about mile 10 my legs didn’t really want to go on, but somehow they did, I know if I was alone I would not have done it,I was the last one in but I did it. The run was actually 11.77 miles, no wonder my legs complained.

After a quick pint of something cold and non alcoholic I rushed home to relax in a super hot bath with a box of toffifees (bugger the muffin top)!  I was shocked at how much scrubbing I had to do to remove the mud,  the water at the end looked like one of my sons baths after he’s run around a football pitch for several hours, but no it was from me.  Well I must say I take my hat off to the super fit bunch I tried to run with today, they are amazing, I don’t think I’ll be tackling any Ultra’s in the future, but I’m one step closer to London.  Somehow hubby and I have ended up with a kid free night, so I think it might be time to head off to the pub!

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