On my way to Dover.

by Nicky Edmunds on January 16, 2017
I really struggle to sit still, when I have too I resemble an annoying child fidgeting all the time. Right now I'm sat in a train on my way home after my first trade show of the year. I had tried to bring as many distractions as possible to occupy myself on my journeys (I really wanted to bring my crochet with me, but the item I'm working on is near completion and would take up to much space in my luggage, plus I really would look like a mad woman trying to stitch my granny squares together!) Right now everything I have to hand isn't inspiring me, so strangely I find myself turning to my blog (something I never thought I would do).

Top Drawer is the trade show that kick starts my buying year. It's one of my favourites, not just because I love visiting London, but also as I manage to couple work with seeing family, hopefully a little shopping of my own and if I'm really lucky a visit to the V&A.

It's proved to be a good start to the year with an amazing amount of strong new products on show. Now it's the patient wait for our new product ranges to arrive in the stores, there is nothing better than unpacking and displaying new stock and seeing our customers reactions.

After the cold weather at the end of last week I was worried about my running mojo, it had gone somewhere and was probably enjoying a gin and tonic.
I woke this morning after an exhausting day yesterday knowing I had to do my long training run. One look out of the window at the grey skies and rain did little to motivate me, but I did get out there in the end.

I normally run along the embankment when I'm in London, but today I fancied a change so I set off weaving around the streets, trying to stay parallel to the Thames. I decided to run to various places from my past for a little reminiscing down memory lane.

I've always thought running had improved my sense of direction, today I proved myself very wrong, having several deja vu moments, thinking things looked familiar only to realise I had unintentionally looped back to the start, when I thought I'd ran in one direction. I'd love to say I only went off track once but it happened several  times the most worrying was when I realised I was in an area I didn't feel at all comfortable in and the signposts where for Dover! Luckily London doesn't lack tall buildings and at times like that the Shard really does has it uses! Getting lost was a blessing as it meant I managed 12 miles and even more surprisingly I actually felt like I could carry on.....

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