Race day is looming

by Nicky Edmunds on April 13, 2017

What a difference the weather makes.  People are smiling and generally looking far more radiant than a couple of weeks ago and all because the sun has put his hat on; he’s even managed the occasional visit from behind the clouds.  I am most definitely a sun worshipper, I feel far more positive and functional when the sun is about, that said on the 23rd of April, and I’ll turn a blind eye to my sun worshipping and happily see more of those clouds!

It is Easter half term for us at the moment so for Paul and I (like many of us working parents) it means lots of juggling to cope with the demands of bored children and work.  For some reason we have also been taken by the spring cleaning bug and are trying to tackle our homes exterior.  We have now been in Devon for 13 years and our poor home feels a little neglected.  That’s the problem with running your own business all your focus and cash goes on ensuring its success, especially in the early years.  With our renewed focus our house should be looking a lot crisper by the end of the summer!

Oh remember on my last blog post, I mentioned  a ping....  and that I felt  my calf go on my last run,  ummm well it wasn’t good news.  Monday of last week I hobbled into see a
Sports Physio and after much prodding he confirmed that I had torn a muscle in my calf, called the soleus (you learn something new every day).  This amazing man has given me a strict set of instructions to follow, to ensure I will be able to make my way around the London Marathon in less than 2 weeks time. 

Currently I am not allowed to run as I have to allow this tear to fully heal.  Twice a day I have to plunge my leg into alternative buckets of cold and hot water and this week I am focussed on lots of stretches to help rebuild the strength in my calf.  After months of following a running plan I feel so lazy, although I must admit it is wonderful not to feel so tired all of the time.  I do feel as if I’m losing lots of fitness but I’ve been assured by lots of experienced runners that I’ll still make it around (maybe even slower than I thought I would be!)

In the evenings I’ve been able to continue to focus on designing cards (I finished the one above last night), so I’m pleased to say we are slowly growing our range, which we hope to be able to take to print in a few months time.  Exciting times ahead.  For now though please send lots of positive thoughts to my Soleus, it needs to be strong!


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