The Running Potter

by Nicky Edmunds on December 01, 2016

The idea of writing a blog scares me, I mean really, really, scares me, but I can’t keep on procrastinating forever...   

The dogs need a walk, I have to place some orders for the stores, I must sit down at my wheel and get making, the rota’s need doing and on and on the list goes.  My biggest excuse to myself has been that I’m dyslexic and I really don’t have a knack with words, but the idea of blogging has been niggling at me for some time so if you are feeling  brave enough to attempt to read my ramblings, I’ll try to do it

I have quite a varied busy life, throwing pottery, making melts and running two lifestyle stores.  I like to keep busy and take on new challenges especially those of a creative nature (I’m a serial crafter in my spare time) and for a number of years I have wanted to run the London Marathon.  I really can’t explain my desire to run 26.2 miles but it’s been on my wish list for too long to ignore.  I mean who wouldn’t  want to loose a toe nail or three and wake up on those cold mornings in the middle of winter and go running in the snow or hail? 

I’m one of those lucky ones who has managed to secure a golden bond place for the 2017 London Marathon, I’m going to be running for a small charity called Back Care.  They are one of those lesser known charities that do some pretty amazing work but struggle to raise funds, so the money raised by their London Marathon runners is critical to their existence.

So in my attempts to raise funds and just to bore you all senseless,  I’m going to try too blog about my life, my training for the Marathon and attempts to raise as much as possible for Back Care.

But before I start all of that I need to enjoy the wine that’s just arrived.  Virgin Wine have kindly sent me 6 bottles of wine as a thank you for fund raising through them.  Now that’s my kind of thank you.  As  much as I am extremely grateful for this wonderful gift, it is going to do very little to help with my training.  Wine guzzling or running, got it wine guzzling and running. 

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