What Makes The Perfect Mug?

by Nicky Edmunds on August 01, 2022

What makes a hot drink special? Is it the beverage itself? The comforting feeling of being snuggled under a blanket or tucked on the sofa? It’s certainly all those things, but the mug itself truly makes the experience.

After months of experiments with different glazes, clays and styles, we are really excited to share our new Stone Series mug with you. There’s a gorgeous matte-satin Off-White, Light Yellow, Pale Pink, Cornflower Blue and Mint Green. What we love about this mug in particular is the combination of the clay texture with the soft glaze; the glaze is thick enough to feel luxurious yet thin enough to let the speckled character of the clay show through.

Now to the most important part - what’s it like to drink from? Firstly, the carefully pulled handle is a comfortable fit for your fingers, making the mug extra huggable and the glaze is soft against your lips when you go to take a sip. The subtle flared design of the mug itself means it can hold a hearty amount of liquid (around 400ml!) so when you’re enjoying your cuppa it lasts that extra bit longer. Due to its generous volume, flared shape and the nature of ceramic and glaze, the liquid also maintains its temperature better - no one likes a tepid tea!

Drinking from something that is both functional and a piece of art makes the experience just that extra bit more special. Not only are you getting a long-lasting product for your personal enjoyment but at the same time you’re supporting a small business. So go on, treat yourself and kick back and relax with a handcrafted mug, designed with thought and made with care.

We’ve recently had our Stone Series tested and it has all successfully passed Food Safety requirements - yay! We can’t wait for you to enjoy diving in and dining with this beautiful range of ceramics.


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